Greetings all, Welcome to 80/20 Juice Bar! We've been providing healthy juices to the community since 2013, our goal is to inspire people to choose a healthy option one day at a time. Juice Bar's primary focus is to provide fresh cold-pressed juice, fruits, vegetables, and optimal nutritional guidelines to fight and prevent disease. We make our cold-pressed juices by hand in small batches that contain fresh all natural products only. 80/20 Juice Bar was born out of a need to serve up a delicious and healthy option to health conscious  citizens of the Norfolk & Virginia Beach, Virginia area.

While enjoying the 80/20 mindset, where 80% of the causes result in 20% of the outcomes. At The Juice Bar we strive to deliver a healthy mindset where we spend 80% of the time eating to live and the other 20% of the time loving to eat. We offer fresh vegetarian and vegan options as well as those with different protein powders for those who cannot consume animal products for religious reasons or are medically restricted from doing so. Coming into 2023 we are looking for new and innovative ways to continue to provide an array of nutritious foods & cold pressed juices for everyone in our community.

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Cafe Locations
ODU Academic Building - Norfolk, VA
80/20 Juice Bar Cafè - Coming Soon

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